User filters allow you to assign specific groups of users to conversations pushes and snapshot pushes.

When setting up a push, an admin of the platform can assign users to it in two different ways*:

  • Fixed users list is a manually selected list of users 
  • Dynamic users list is a list of users generated by the system based on filters/criteria you defined

*Note: it's only possible to select a dynamic user list if the push is set to start in the future. If the start date of the push is today, you can only manually select users with a fixed user list.

This article explains the process of reusing dynamic user filters

Click here for more information on user assignment for pushes in general.

Save user filters

Saving a set of user filters can be useful when you know you’ll create multiple pushes for a certain ‘segment’ of your platform’s users. Some examples of what a user segment can be are ‘Belgian office’, ‘New employees’, ‘Sales teams’, etc. You can save the user filters you currently have selected so they can be reused later in other pushes. This way you don’t have to reselect the same filters each time. After you’re done choosing the filters, click on ‘save segment’ at the bottom of the user filter menu.

Give your new segment a name, a description (optional), and click on ‘create’. 

Important: Once you save the segment, it will be locked and cannot be changed again. If you saved the wrong set of filters, you can click ‘clear all’ at the bottom of the user filter menu and select new filters.

Load user filters

Now, as soon as you want to use the dynamic user assignment in a push, you’ll be able to choose from your existing segments by selecting ‘Load segment’ at the top of the user filter menu. Choose the segment you want to use.

Good to know: your saved segments will be available for all pushes on the platform. E.g. If you save a segment during the user assignment of a conversation you will be able to use the same segment for a snapshot push later on.