Cascading of objectives, from the organisational level down to the team or individual level, is still a very relevant and widely-used practice. Our tool can visualise the hierarchy of these linked objectives. This will further improve transparency on where your organisation's impact is being generated.

Linking objectives

As a company, you can set up organisational objectives (e.g. “Create a uniting culture”). These are objectives that are visible for everyone within the organisation to emphasise your strategy. 

As a team, you can set up team objectives (e.g. “Improve performance management process”) that relate to organisational objectives. This is an example of a team objective for the Human Capital Team. You can choose the visibility level of a team objective. 

In this example, the team objective of the Human Capital Team contributes to the organisation's objective. We could say that the team objective is a child objective of the organisation objective. These two objectives can be linked: go to the team objective, click on the ‘parent objective’ field, and select the desired company objective.

Visualisation of linked objectives

Once linked, you are always able to see the link between the parent and child when clicking on one of these objectives. 

With the objective tree feature enabled, you can visualise this objective hierarchy and how the objective you’re currently viewing is related to other objectives in your organisation. 

You can take the same actions to cascade this further down to personal objectives (e.g. “Create new PM work-flow”). You can set any objective you’re allowed to see as the parent objective.

The viewing of the objective tree depends on the visibility level you have set up.  If you are not able to see the objective, you won’t be able to see the objective in the objective tree either. 

It will show that there are child/parent objectives but they’ll be blurred and indicate that they are not visible to you.

Progress of child objectives vs. parent objectives

If the progress of a child objective changes, then the progress of any linked parent objectives will not automatically change as well. Each objective has its own progress that’s measured by the progress of its key results.

If you want changes to be made in the linked objectives, you need to update these objectives manually.