This integration is only available for clients using outlook and on our premium package - if you are and do not have this available be sure to contact your success manager. They can activate this functionality for you. For Outlook, you'll also need to have an office365 license. This will not work with an on premise license.  

With the outlook integration you can efficiently plan your conversation directly into your colleague’s calendar. 

Configuring the integration

You can do this by going into the settings menu of the platform, and navigating to the tab Integrations. On that page, click ‘Connect with Microsoft Outlook’ to get started. 

Planning a conversation with the integration

Go to your unit4 talent management platform (U4TM) and click Conversations in the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen. That will lead you to the conversation overview, where you can find your team leader(s), team member(s), and/or coach(es) and coachee(s).

Step 1: Select the person you would like to have a conversation with

In the conversation overview you can find every one you can plan a conversation with. Click the + button next to their name to start planning the conversation.

Step 2: Choose a conversation template

After clicking the + button next to someone's name,  you will get an overview of the conversation templates you can use for your conversation with this person. These have been created by the admin of your platform. The conversation template you select determines the overall structure of the conversation and can even include some pre-defined questions.

Step 3: Pick a date

The outlook integration will give you immediate access to your and your partner’s calendar, where you can select the best suited slot to schedule your conversation

Click 'Plan conversation' to finish the planning phase.

Rescheduling the conversation

All changes made in U4TM will be reflected in your calendar. To adjust the date after the conversation has been scheduled, simply click the date in the conversation overview. 

The new window that opens lets you choose a new date and time. Click ‘Set new date’ to confirm the changes.

Changing a date will send a new meeting request to both parties.