This functionality is intended for team leaders and admins

Ask your success manager to enable this feature on your platform!

It can help you better assess a user’s performance. 

With objective scoring, you will be able to weight and score the objectives of users. Team leaders can do this for their team members and admins can do this for any user on the platform.

By weighting objectives, you want to give a scale of importance to an objective. 

By scoring objectives, you are going to attribute a certain score to it during a conversation. 

Weighting objectives can be done on its own, without ever scoring them. This might be helpful for your direct report to prioritise them more easily. Scoring can only be done once an objective has been weighted. Assigning a score to objectives can be done, for example, for compensation purposes. Some objectives can be more important than others to complete, so these would get a bigger weight. During a conversation, a team leader can then decide how well their direct report performed on these weighted objectives. This information is available in a report, so you could use this to calculate a general performance score for users that can guide decisions around their compensation and benefits.


Objective weighting and scoring can be done in two ways:

  • Weighting objectives in the objectives overview or a user's profile

  • Weighting and scoring objectives during a conversation

Weighting objectives

Weighting a user's objectives can be done either on their profile or by searching for them in the objectives overview.

Objectives overview

Click on Objectives in the main menu on the left to access the objectives overview. You can search for a user's objectives with the search bar on the top right of this page.

Once you're viewing someone else's objectives, click on the 'Actions' dropdown menu in the top right corner. Select 'weight objectives' and a new screen will open.

First, select the objectives you want to weight.

Once you’ve selected the objectives you need, you can distribute the weight of them. Objectives with a higher weight will contribute more towards the total objective score during the scoring process.

Note: Please bear in mind that the total amount of distribution needs to be 100%. If you don’t have a total of 100%, you will not be able to go to the next step. 

After the objectives have been weighted, you can see the weight of an objective in the top right corner of an objective card. This weight will be visible from the objective overview or someone's profile.

User profile

A user's objectives can also be viewed on their profile. To access someone's profile, search for them with the general search function (in the main menu, to the right of your own profile picture). You can weight their objectives by clicking the 'actions' dropdown menu on their profile and selecting 'Weight objectives'. The weighting process happens in the same way as described above.

Weighting and scoring objectives during a conversation

Scoring of objectives is only possible in a conversation. If this changes in the future, your customer success manager will definitely let you know. 

Add 'Objective scoring' step to a conversation template

You can add ‘Objective scoring’ as a step in the template of a conversation. Adding this step enables managers to weight and score objectives of their reports during their conversation. 

Go to Studio > Conversations > Templates tab and click on the template you’d like to edit from the overview. Add this additional step to the template of your conversation:

Scoring objectives

After starting the conversation, the weights you’ve already added will be visible in the step ‘Objectives’. If you haven't weighed the objectives before the conversation yet, you are still able to do this by clicking on ‘Weight objectives’ in the top right corner.  You have the possibility to change the weight of the objectives or to add a weight to objectives that haven’t been weighted yet. 

After weighting the objectives, you will be able to score the objectives in the 'Objectives scoring' step. Your scoring will be automatically saved. 

Note: You first need to add a weight to an objective before you can score it!

Important note: Scored objectives will be marked as 'finished' once you finish the conversation!

What if you delete an objective?

If you delete a weighted objective, the weights of that user's other objectives will be deleted as well. So after deleting a weighted objective, you have to reconfigure all the weights again.


In the right corner of the objectives overview (click Objectives in the main menu on the left), you can find 2 different options to export data:

  • Export all objectives
  • Export current selection

Export all objectives

Only available for admins.

By exporting this data, you will find the weight, the score and the result (the calculation between the weight and the score) in the export of all objectives. 

Export current selection

Available for team leaders & admins.


The export depends on the filters you use. Team leaders can only export the data for their team members. You will find the weight, the score and the result of the objectives.