This feature is available on the enabled users page. You can navigate to it from the main menu by clicking Users > Users.

How to select users in bulk

It's possible to select all the users on the current page at once by clicking on the checkbox in the header of the users table. Bulk user selection is an extension of this functionality and allows you to also select the users on the pages you're not looking at.

In the GIF below you can see how to first select all 15 users of the current page and how to turn this into a bulk selection of all the platform's users.

Select all users on the platform

With bulk user selection you will perform an action on all the enabled users of your platform unless you create a user segment. For more info on how this works, see the next section.

Note: It's important to know that bulk user selection cannot be used to select just any large number of users. If you deselect any user, you exit the bulk user selection and any action you take will only be performed on the users that are selected on the current page. For more info on this, see the "Deselecting users" section. 

Select all users with a user segment

After applying a user segment to the user table, you can still use bulk selection. This will select all users in that user segment instead of all users on the platform.

The screenshot below shows an example of a user segment. All Belgian employees who joined the company within the last 6 months have been selected with bulk user selection.

Deselecting users

Bulk user selection always executes an action on all the users of your platform or all the users matching your user segment. If you deselect any of the users during the bulk user selection process you will exit this functionality and go back to just the selected users of the page you're viewing. 

The GIF below shows how deselecting a user exits bulk user selection. Actions are only performed on users with a ticked checkbox.

Deselection works like this to optimise your platform's performance and response times.

Alternatives to bulk user selection

If you don't want to select all the users of your platform all at once we advise to have a look at user segments for greater fine tuning of your user selection. You can also select all the users on the current page by using the checkbox in the table's header and manually deselect the users you want to exclude.

Bulk actions

This is an overview of all the actions that you can do when selecting more than 1 user in the enabled users table.

Send a message

This will send an email message to all the selected users.

Send activation mail

An activation mail is sent to a person to invite them to the U4TM platform. Using this in combination with a bulk user selection can be useful during a phased roll-out. For example: with user segments you could send the activation mail to whole teams/departments/regions all at once.

Add to teams

Add all the selected users to a team. 

Course / Track enrolment

Enrol all the selected users in a course or in a track.

Award badge or certificate

Award a badge or certificate to all the selected users.

Set user labels

Set the user label of the selected users. In most cases, your users will have the 'internal' label, but the  'extended-enterprise' and 'customer' labels can be used to exclude users from certain Perform functionality. This is a deprecated feature, so we highly recommend using user role permissions to exclude users from certain functionality instead. 

Disable users

Disable the selected users. Bulk user selection is not available on the disabled users page, so be mindful of your user selection. Re-enabling users that were disabled by mistake will not be as easy!