Objective templates can help your employees formulate new objectives and OKRs. It will help them write better objectives that are more relevant to their job and save time doing it. When an employee wants to create a new objective, the system will show a list of suggested objectives that are related to their job title or have a similar name to the one they've entered.

U4TM offers a general library of objectives to help you get started, but as an admin you can also create new objective templates yourself.

Creating an Objective Template

Objective templates can be created in the Objective Studio, under the templates tab (Studio > Objectives > Templates tab).

Complete the following steps in the configuration window:

  • Give the template a title. This will be the title of the objective as well. A clear title will help users find this template.
  • Link one (or multiple) job title(s). This is optional, but highly recommended for objectives that are job-specific. Linking a job title will suggest this template to any one with the same job title.
  • Add key results. More info in this article.
  • Optionally: link skills. Any skills linked to an objective are purely informative at the moment.
  • Decide if you want to enable the template right away with Enable template toggle. If you're not ready to publish the template yet, you can just save your progress and enable it later.

Once you're done with setting up the template, click Create in the bottom right corner. You can discard changes by clicking Cancel.

Objective Template options

Once you've created an objective template you have the following options in the Templates overview:

Toggle the 'Active' status. If a template is 'active' it means the system will suggest it to user who are creating a new objective.

Clicking on the options icon in the rightmost column shows you the Edit and Delete actions.

How will the objective templates be shown to the user?

A list of suggestions will be shown when a user wants to add a new objective. More relevant suggestions will be presented if they continue typing in a name for their new objective.