Part of creating an objective is creating actionable key results to mark your progress. 

Key result types

There are four key result types in total on the U4TM platform. Your platform admin can decide which ones to enable, so it's possible that not all key result types listed below will be available to you!

No Progress

A "no progress" key result can be used for tasks that need to be done as part of your objective, but where the progress is not easy (or impossible) to quantify. These key results will not count towards the progress percentage of the objective itself!


5 steps

A key result with 5 steps has the following stages of progress:

  • I'm getting started
  • I'm making progress
  • I'm halfway
  • I'm nearing completion
  • I'm finished



A percentage key result lets you track progress from 0-100%. It's possible to overachieve and put a number greater than 100 in the text box.



A 'number' key result is very versatile. It allows you to determine the progress limit yourself. It can be used when 'percentage' or '5 steps' seem too restrictive, or you have a specific number goal you want to reach. It's possible to go above the progress limit here as well.


Changing the type of a key result

This is possible by clicking the cog-icon on the right side of the OKR.

Other actions for key results

Changing the order

Deleting a key result

Key results can be deleted by the owner of the objective unless the objective has been locked by their team leader or an admin.

Setting the due date

You'll be reminded when the due date of a key result is approaching 14 days in advance