In the Adoption section, you can find insights on the usage of your Unit4 Talent Management platform.
First, click on Insights in the main menu, and then click on ‘List’ in the Adoption section.

Here you can get more insight in the usage of

  • Objectives
  • Conversations 
  • Snapshots

Data selection

When you open the List view, the first thing to do is to look at the settings at the top.


Here you can choose the category you want to view the adoption of.
As you can see the categories give insights in the usage of objectives, conversations and snapshots.



Here you can decide for which period you want to view the adoption.


Here you can decide if you want to see the adoption for the whole organization or for specific teams.

Amount of ...

Here you can specify your adoption goal. You’ll see how many users equal this goal and how many users fall outside the range you selected.

Use cases

Open Objectives

You want to check how many open objectives employees are working with. Let’s say you want your users to have between 2 and 5 open objectives at a time.

Step 1: Select category ‘open objectives’
Step 2: Select the period ‘All time’ as you want a real time overview (this is the default)
Step 3: Select all teams
Step 4: Choose amount of open objectives 2-5

An example of how the overview can look now:

1: The number 8 represents the number of teams that are selected.
2: Here you can decide to exclude all objectives of which the due date has passed.
3: Here you can change the settings regarding to the number of key results. For example: You can decide to only count open objectives with a minimum number of 2 key results. 

In this example, most employees are compliant with the 2-5 number of open objective (baby blue bars in the middle). Only a small percentage, namely between 6% and 14% has less than two open objectives (red bar on the left). 8% to 14% has over 5 open objectives (dark blue bar on the right)

Detail view for a team

In order to zoom in on the results for a specific team, you can either select a single team in the top menu or click on the team in the results overview

Let’s zoom in on the Sales team. After clicking on the team, you can see the overview of the adoption per user in this team. In this scenario, this could be an incentive to initiate a conversation with Omar or his team leader.


To go back to the previous overview, simply click on the blue arrow on the top left of the table

Finished conversations

It’s almost the end of the year and you want to check how many conversations have already been completed this year. It’s common to have at least 1 to 3 conversations per user before the end of the year. 

Step 1: Select category finished conversations
Step 2: Select period January 1st till the current date (assuming it’s now November or December)
Step 3: Select all teams to get an overview for the whole organization
Step 4: Select amount of finished conversations 1-3

1: Here you can show the results for specific conversation templates.

In this case we can see that most users are not compliant with the desired amount of conversations. This could maybe give an incentive to pay extra attention when pushing your end of year conversation.  

Finished snapshots

In this example we want to check if everybody is completing the desired amount of snapshots in the last three months. We'll set the adoption goal to 6-10 completed snapshots.

Step 1: select category completed snapshots
Step 2: select period last 90 days  

Step 3: select all the teams to get an overview of the whole organization
Step 4: select amount of completed snapshots 6 –10

This is an example of the overview:


1: Here you can filter specific snapshot templates