This article will provide an overview of the email notification settings that can be found on your profile and that are specific to your role as platform admin

An extensive list of email notifications that can be sent to all users of the platform can be found here.

Info about email notifications that are relevant to other roles:

General notifications

A new user signed up to the platform (not through CSV)

As a platform admin you can add the people from your organisation to the platform, but you can also enable them to sign up themselves.

This notification is sent when a new user signs up for the platform

A new attachment was uploaded by your team member on their profile

This notification informs you that a user on the platform has added a file to their profile page

Engage module

User gave feedback on an engagement question

This notification informs you that someone from your organisation has left additional feedback on a question from their engagement pulse.

Engagement change alerts for admins

An engagement change alert is a monthly email that can be sent to admins to inform them of the evolution of their organisation's engagement. It shows the biggest changes in engagement drivers and which teams have the biggest change in engagement.

This notification provides a monthly overview of your team's engagement