The platform has a variety of reports which are accessible throughout the platform and on a dedicated Reporting page (specifically for users with admin privileges)

When you request a report, an email will be sent to the email address associated with your U4TM account with a zip file in attachment. The zip file contains the report in CSV format and as an Excel file.

Who has access to reporting?

A platform admin has access to all the reporting on the dedicated Reporting page.

An HR officer can see the reports on the Reporting page of modules where they have admin rights over.

Reports that are accessible outside the dedicated Reporting page may be visible to other users as well, depending on their role.


Team leaders can export the conversation history of their team in Conversations > History tab

Where can I find the reporting?

Throughout the platform

An overview of the reports in our platform is being worked on. Once it's ready it will be linked to in this section.

Reporting page

The reporting page is available to users with admin privileges. 

First, click on the Apps icon at the bottom of the main menu.

The bottom of the main menu

On the 'Apps' page, click on Reporting.The Apps page

Once you're on the Reporting page, click any of the categories in the sidebar to access its reports.

The reporting page