This article contains an overview of reports on the Reporting page which are related to snapshots.

If you want more info on the Reporting page and how to find it, see this article.

Certificates awarded in the platform

This report shows all certificates that have been awarded to users


  • Certificate name
  • Certificate description
  • User awarded name: full name of the user who received the certificate
  • Teams of user awarded: all the teams that the user is a part of
  • Date awarded: date when the certificate was awarded
  • Expiration date: date when the certificate expires

External certificates awarded in the platform

This report shows all certificates awarded to your users from sources outside the platform. External certificates can be awarded to a user by clicking 'Add Certification' from the 'Actions' dropdown menu on someone's profile page.


  • Certificate name
  • Authority: Whoever issued the certification
  • Starting date for certification
  • Certificate created date: date when the external certificate was created on the platform
  • Expiration date
  • User name: Full name of user that received the certificate
  • User email