This article contains an overview of reports on the Reporting page which are related to snapshots.

If you want more info on the Reporting page and how to find it, see this article.

Regular users export

This report contains extensive information about each user.


  • user id: unique identifier of user on the platform
  • external id
  • first name
  • middle name
  • last name
  • full name
  • email
  • status: 'active' or 'inactive'. 'inactive' means that the user's account on the platform has been disabled.
  • role: 'User', 'Team Leader', 'HR Officer', or 'Admin'
  • signed up: date when the user signed up or was added to the platform
  • active in last 30 days: 'Yes' or 'No'
  • language: language of the user's platform. Format is a two letter language code, like 'en' for English or 'es' for Spanish.
  • organization
  • job titles: all the user's current job titles
  • department
  • birthday
  • joined company at: date when the user joined your company. This is an optional field on a user's profile
  • gender: 'male', 'female', or 'neutral'
  • street name
  • street number
  • bus number
  • postal code
  • city
  • country
  • guid: global unique identifier. Used to identify users if your platform uses SSO authentication
  • skills gained: skills the user is known for, separated by a /
  • skills learning: skills the user wants to learn, separated by a /
  • groups: groups the user is a part of
  • coaches: all the coaches of the user
  • teams: all the teams that the user is a part of
  • teams leading: all the teams that the user is leading

Users and custom fields

This report is an overview of the custom fields that have been added to a user's profile and their values.


  • user_id: unique identifier of user on the platform
  • external_id
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email

The remaining columns have information about all the custom fields on your platform with the following format:

  • custom_field_name_X: Name of the custom field
  • custom_field_value_X: Value of the custom field for this user
  • custom_field_type_X: Type of the custom field. Can be 'text', 'number', 'date', 'datetime', 'single_choice', 'multiple_choice', or 'hidden' (in this case it's not visible via the platform, only used through our public API)


Users with tagged skills

It's possible to link a skill to a user via items on the platform such as objectives, feedback, and praise.

This report is an overview of all the users with a skill linked to them.


  • name: Full name of the user that's linked to the skill. If the 'source' column shows a type of objective, this name will be the owner of the objective. If the 'source' column shows 'Praise' or 'Feedback', this is the name of the user who received it.
  • email: email of the user
  • source: Place where the skills were tagged. This can be any type of objective ('PersonalObjective', 'TeamObjective' or 'OrganisationObjective'), 'Praise', or 'Feedback'
  • tagger: if the 'source' is 'Praise' or 'Feedback', this column has the full name of the user who sent the praise/feedback to the user in the 'name' column.
  • tagger_email
  • date: date when the skill was linked to the user
  • skills: skills that were linked to the user via the item in the 'source' column