Sessions have a limited amount of participants and sometimes the session will already be full by the time you want to enrol in it. If a session has a waiting list, it's best to still show your interest in attending the session by enrolling to the waiting list. In case an enrolled user can no longer attend the session, it's likely that someone from the waiting list will get their seat instead! This article shows you how to enrol and remove yourself from a waiting list.

Enrol in a waiting list

Go to Learn > Library > Sessions tab. This page will show all the upcoming sessions.

If a session is full but has a waiting list enabled, you can enrol in it by clicking the 'join waiting list' button on the right.


If a seat opens up and a session manager moves you from the waiting list to the enrolment list you'll be notified by email about this.

Remove yourself from the waiting list

If you're on the waiting list for a session but suddenly wouldn't be able to attend any more, please  consider leaving the waiting list again. This will give other users a higher chance to get a seat if any would open up and possibly avoid some confusion as well.

Go to Learn > My Learning > Upcoming Sessions tab.

Click the options icon next to the status of your enrolment and select 'Leave waiting list'.

Alternatively, you can also leave the waiting list by going to Learn > Library > Sessions tab and click on the 'Leave waiting list' button for that session.